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The Freebies and Benefits of Being a Kitterbeans member/customer

Why just buy from any store when you can buy AND get free items for your furbabies?


cat lovers' community1. Loyalty program freebies – for every 3rd item we will send a free gift for your furbaby along with it.

2. Aside from #1, you will get special members-only discounts and perks or even freebies that we will offer from time to time. Some items here even get surprises upon purchase!

3. You get special birthday privileges. (Yes sign up and see that we do remember birthdays!)

4. You help in the animal welfare groups that we will be supporting (more of this coming soon).

5. You get the first news about our monthly new arrivals.

Whether just a customer or you sign up as a member, free items are all around! (The birthday benefits though are for those who sign up).

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