Best Cat Videos of the Month Contest

Our Best Cat Videos Contest  is on!

(Don’t forget to turn up the volume for the video below!)

Video credit: Dr R, Bucu, Cats Chasing Laser, February 2018 Winner

Music Credit: Baltic Levity – Thatched Villagers by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Mechanics of the best cat videos contest:

  1. Send your cat videos (as many as you like to increase your chances of winning!) on our FB Kitterbeans Page through direct message at FB or Instagram @kitter_beans. Like our FB page and follow us on IG so you are updated of contest results.
  2. The one with the most likes and shares wins the purrst prize 🙂 Depending on the number and votes, there may also be prizes for the next 5-9. We will announce it on FB and Instagram, so simply follow us there! 🙂

Funny, cute, endearing, whichever, just keep those videos coming! No limit to sending! Fun, fun, fun!